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Qt: Qt Embedded with dbus

If you want Qt Embedded with dbus support make sure you cross compile the expat and dbus libraries. These are instructions I’ve researched and worked for a co-worker but not me. Hopefully you’ll have better luck cross-compile expat tar zxvf … Continue reading

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Linux: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) PulseAudio (PA)

Looks like I’m going to be audiophile in the future. Need to learn the inner workings or at least APIs to ALSA, PA, and GStreamer. Also, need to learn about D-Bus. The D-Bus website has¬†extraordinary documentation. Considering I know nothing … Continue reading

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Cross compiler CFLAGS thought

What’s the difference between mtune and mcpu. I’ve seen some that say to use mtune and I’ve been using mcpu.

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Crosstool: Troubleshooting tips

Since I got my Tsunami board up and running, I decided to try building my own toolchain. Decided to go with Crosstool to build the toolchain. So far it’s been OK and can get it to toolchain to compile the … Continue reading

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What a Real Time System means…

From Real Time implies: Low, bounded latency Precise timing of tasks Real time systems are not fast; they may even be slower Tradeoff diminish latency at the cost of throughput Any embedded system may or may not be real … Continue reading

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