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Font: Source Code Pro

I went to the Mobile Camp LA and one the things I took out of it was that as a coder I needed to switch to this awesome font, Source Code Pro. No more squinting to see if it is … Continue reading

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WordPress: Twenty Eleven Theme : adding color scheme

I looked into making Child Themes and target adding another Color Scheme option for the Twenty Eleven Theme. Ideally what I wanted to change was the background color of the where all the posts were. Figured it out that that … Continue reading

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BeagleBoard Xm: NFS boot

Here’s how I got the BB Xm to boot the rootfs over NFS. I’m doing this with the Ti Sitara Linux and their SDK installed certain configurations for NFS rootfs boot. Also, this is for booting the uEnv.txt and uImage … Continue reading

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Qt: Ubuntu 10.04 compile errors

I’m building Qt 4.6.3 using sudo ./configure -opengl -opensource -confirm-license Issue: Basic XLib functionality test failed! Solution: sudo apt-get install libxext-dev Issue: All the OpenGL functionality tests failed! Solution I couldn’t figure out which exact package but I did the … Continue reading

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Topcoder: SRM 195 Div2 250pt Rounder

Pretty easy problem, though the topcoder solution was a single line which isn’t what I came up with. Reminder: Way of rounding: n = numerator d = denominator Always round up: (n+d)/d Round up by difference (n+(d/2))/d  

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Qt: QGraphicsView notes

Qt’s graphics/viewarchitecture has a non-visual class for holding the item data as a model (QGraphicsScene), and a class for visualizing the data (QGraphicsView). The way to add standard QWidgets to a scene is to create a QGraphicsProxyWidget for each QWidget, and add the … Continue reading

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Ubuntu linux: downgrade package

Broke my Ubuntu by installing a development package of libgstreamer. How to downgrade it was Installed version: 0.10.34-1~lucid1 Downgrade to version: 0.10.28-1 I had to boot Ubuntu in recovery mode (press ESC during bootup) (selection at GRUB) then apt-get install … Continue reading

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