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Gitolite: add new repository

I enable certain users to create repositories by adding this to gitolite.conf file: repo [a-zA-Z0-9].* C = @admin @staff RW+ = CREATOR RW = WRITERS @admin R = READERS @staff To create a new repo I had to do this: … Continue reading

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Gitolite: add users and multipe keys per user

Figuring out why I was having trouble adding a user was pretty upsetting so I will share the experience and hope no one else runs into it also. Create the ssh key for user ssh-keygen -t rsa Do no try … Continue reading

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Android: Adding a default app when building by source

I’m building Android for my TAO 3530 board, booting for a SD card, and wanted to install my own app onto the Android “image”. Here is how I did it If you’ve got a built apk place it in: /rootfs/data/app … Continue reading

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