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GDB: Remote target error

I was trying to debug a program on an ARM target and the debugger kept giving me this problem: gdb malformed packet Looking online, this error occurs because of a mismatch between the gdb on the host and the gdbserver … Continue reading

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Linux: PulseAudio programmatically find connected client

Working on making a manager for PulseAudio. This manager needs to be able to change the volume from the different clients along with other settings. The first task was figuring out how PulseAudio even knew what clients are connected to … Continue reading

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Git: git push -> No refs in common and none specified; doing nothing

If you see the error message, No refs in common and none specified; doing nothing Perhaps you should specify a branch such as ‘master’. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly It is probably because you cloned an empty repository … Continue reading

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D-Bus: Qt DBus Examples

Going through the Qt Dbus example code and there isn’t much of an explanation as to how the examples are done.  Plus I haven’t found any helpful tutorials about QtDbus.  I will make a rough attempt at giving some explanation … Continue reading

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