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Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Chapter 2

Pretty simple chapter. Got through it within an hour. ¬†After working on CakePHP there is quite a bit of similarities between the two MVC frameworks. ¬†Glad I got some work in on CakePHP to prepare me for this. OK spoke … Continue reading

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Book: Modern Embedded Computing

A recent embedded book. More relevant material that older embedded books. Also, more detailed at hw level than other ones I’ve been looking through.

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Factory Pattern: Benefits

Currently Reading Designing Professional C++ 1. (Main Benefit) factories abstract the object creation process; you can easily substitute a different factory in your program. Just as you can use polymorphism with the created objects, you can use polymorphism with factories. … Continue reading

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South Bay Mobile User Group: Raffle prize!

Won the book, Beginning Android Games! Maybe 8 prizes (2 books, 4 starbucks gc, a macys gc) for ~ 15 people. Pretty interesting stuff. FYI: South Bay Mobile User Group is a group. First time I’ve been too! shout … Continue reading

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Book: JavaScript & jQuery The missing manual

This is an excellent book. Learning quite a bit from it. Has nice tutorials that step you through examples like a photo gallery or tooltips.

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Book Review: SAMS Teach Yourself SQL

Wouldn’t use this book if I was trying to learn SQL because it’s soo basic. It’s pretty good as a refresher of basic queries. The book’s examples are way too simple. Coverage of the different types of joins aren’t great … Continue reading

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