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PulseAudio: pacmd volume commands

On the TM 814x EVM board (kernel 2.6.37), the TI linux didn’t include the pacmd ┬áTo get the CLI pacmd, I needed to install the following packages: opkg install pulseaudio-misc pulseaudio-module-cli pulseaudio-module-cli-protocol-unix Maybe some other pacakges too but I forgot. … Continue reading

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Linux: PulseAudio programmatically find connected client

Working on making a manager for PulseAudio. This manager needs to be able to change the volume from the different clients along with other settings. The first task was figuring out how PulseAudio even knew what clients are connected to … Continue reading

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Linux: PulseAudio (PA)

Downloaded the PulseAudio src via git branch v0.9.21. To build: ./autogen.sh make -j3 Found this after, a much more┬ácomplete guide to building PulseAudio. Probably should’ve read the PulseAudio Blog first. contains some useful information, well after all the PulseAudio conference … Continue reading

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