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GDB: Remote target error

I was trying to debug a program on an ARM target and the debugger kept giving me this problem: gdb malformed packet Looking online, this error occurs because of a mismatch between the gdb on the host and the gdbserver … Continue reading

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Using gdb to debug program on target

Man I use to be a pro with gdb and debugging remote programs. I wrote a target-side stub for heaven’s sake. Now I can’t even remember how to do a basic connection. sad. Setup: Host: x86_64 Ubuntu ( Target: ARM-based … Continue reading

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Crosstool: Troubleshooting tips

Since I got my Tsunami board up and running, I decided to try building my own toolchain. Decided to go with Crosstool to build the toolchain. So far it’s been OK and can get it to toolchain to compile the … Continue reading

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