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Gitolite v3 – add email hook

I added the email hook by changing files on the git server. gitolite@gitserver~$ cd .gitolite/hooks/common gitolite@gitserver:~/.gitolite/hooks/common$ cp /usr/share/doc/git/contrib/hooks/post-receive-email post-receive gitolite@gitserver:~/.gitolite/hooks/common$ $HOME/bin/gitolite setup –hooks-only gitolite@gitserver:~/.gitolite/hooks/common$ cd gitolite@gitserver:~$ vi .gitolite.rc #GIT_CONFIG_KEYS => ”, # ORIGINAL GIT_CONFIG_KEYS => ‘.*’, # EDIT TO THIS … Continue reading

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Install a Git Server Gitolite v3

Looking into installing our own Git Server. Probably going with Gitolite. Did a test run on my dev Linux box got environment setup, but having some trouble adding users and initial repository. Company gave me a Windows server to working. … Continue reading

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