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Json: sending/receiving Binary Data

You cannot just send raw binary data in JSON. You need to do a conversion first. The general way to encode binary data to a String is to use an implementation of Base64 encoding. Encode: String Base64.encodeToString(byteArray, Base64.DEFAULT); Decode: byte … Continue reading

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Cross compiler CFLAGS thought

What’s the difference between mtune and mcpu. I’ve seen some that say to use mtune and I’ve been using mcpu.

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Apigee Usergrid: Getting access token for Application User

I’m using Usergrid for my backend for my app and while I’m working on obtaining the access token for an application(normal) user I noticed an error in their documentation. Usergrid Documentation:<org-name>/<app-name>/token?grant_type=password&username=<username>&password=<password&gt; Testing it out I realized that it should … Continue reading

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Android: Adding a default app when building by source

I’m building Android for my TAO 3530 board, booting for a SD card, and wanted to install my own app onto the Android “image”. Here is how I did it If you’ve got a built apk place it in: /rootfs/data/app … Continue reading

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