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Remote Debugging: Unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint function

Situation: Using QT Creater, trying to debug a program on remote device.  I set the breakpoints on the IDE but the breakpoints are not active and program does not stop. Action: The “Unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint” seemed pretty … Continue reading

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QT: Hide widget

Has to be done programmatically, in constructor would work : ui->Widget->hide(); Reference: http://www.qtcentre.org/threads/22640-Can-i-set-a-widget-(like-a-button-for-example)-hidden-in-Qt-Designer

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D-Bus: Qt DBus Examples

Going through the Qt Dbus example code and there isn’t much of an explanation as to how the examples are done.  Plus I haven’t found any helpful tutorials about QtDbus.  I will make a rough attempt at giving some explanation … Continue reading

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Linux: Buildroot

Man, I need Buildroot to only rebuild Qt. No sure how to do that. What I ended up doing was using the emptypackage config, add in the toolchain and then qt. Then have it make from there. Then to change … Continue reading

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Qt: Qt Embedded with dbus

If you want Qt Embedded with dbus support make sure you cross compile the expat and dbus libraries. These are instructions I’ve researched and worked for a co-worker but not me. Hopefully you’ll have better luck cross-compile expat tar zxvf … Continue reading

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Qt: QGraphicsView notes

Qt’s graphics/viewarchitecture has a non-visual class for holding the item data as a model (QGraphicsScene), and a class for visualizing the data (QGraphicsView). The way to add standard QWidgets to a scene is to create a QGraphicsProxyWidget for each QWidget, and add the … Continue reading

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Linux Qt: Boxes demo gluPerspective

I was compiling the Linux Qt Demo: Boxes for Qt4.8.1 and ran into these errors. Here’s how I fixed them: /home/mfang/dev/QtSDK/Demos/4.7/boxes/qtbox.cpp:329: error: ‘gluPerspective’ was not declared in this scope In qtbox.cpp and scene.cpp add: #include “GL/glu.h” Explanation: According to the … Continue reading

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