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Crosstool: libraries/packages needed

Not having the libexpat1-dev package sucks. it’s not checked in the install or configure but fails during the make. Lots of pages do not include that one. I wanted to edit the #1 result from a search like this but … Continue reading

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BusyBox: make menuconfig gives undefined reference lxdialog

Ran into this problem with BusyBox on my Ubuntu 12.04 trying to do make menuconfig. Couldn’t find this information easily so maybe it’ll help someone. Problem: It’s an ncurses library problem. Particularly you need libncurses5-dev so: apt-get install libncurses5-dev

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Crosstool: Troubleshooting tips

Since I got my Tsunami board up and running, I decided to try building my own toolchain. Decided to go with Crosstool to build the toolchain. So far it’s been OK and can get it to toolchain to compile the … Continue reading

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Eclipse: Neat Shortcuts

From an interaction with Erich Styger: To get a List of keyboard shortcuts: CTRL+SHIFT+L To search for a keyboard shortcut: CTRL+3 To Switch between files in Editor: CTRL+F6 (I like this better) or CTRL+E

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Virtualization: VirtualBox vs VMPlayer

My recommendation: VMPlayer I’ve been playing around with virtualization software at work trying to setup my environment and I’m firmly in the VMPlayer camp now. Issue: Dealbreaker for me was USB support and in particular SD card support. Neither software … Continue reading

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Android: Fragment v4 support exception

After trying out fragments without using the v4 support library, I tried a layout using fragments and kept running into this exception. What does this exception mean and how do I fix it? It’s pretty simple. This is the main … Continue reading

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What a Real Time System means…

From Real Time implies: Low, bounded latency Precise timing of tasks Real time systems are not fast; they may even be slower Tradeoff diminish latency at the cost of throughput Any embedded system may or may not be real … Continue reading

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Eclipse: Memory/JVM Optimizations (.eclipse.ini)

Found a helpful post for setting your Eclipse IDE environment. Eclipse is a big memory hog so you can increase Eclipse’s memory setting in the [eclipse path]/.eclipse.ini file. Here is what I change/add: According to PermSize controls the size … Continue reading

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Factory Pattern: Benefits

Currently Reading Designing Professional C++ 1. (Main Benefit) factories abstract the object creation process; you can easily substitute a different factory in your program. Just as you can use polymorphism with the created objects, you can use polymorphism with factories. … Continue reading

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Android: HelloFragment

Created one of the most basic examples of using Fragments. Seems like most people are using Fragments these days so spent some time trying it out. If you’re trying to see a real basic example here is one. res/layout/main.xml … Continue reading

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