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Eclipse Tip: Poping up argument dialog box when run/debug

Learned this neat tip that makes it easier to set arguments when run/debugging. Currently: Arguments needs to be set in the Run/Debug launch configuration.  If you need to change  arguments, it’s a bit painful to need to go to the … Continue reading

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Define process and thread and what are some major differences

This morning QNX’s training has focused on processes and threads. I’ve had this as an interview question before. How do you define process and thread. What are some of the differences?

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QNX Momentics IDE setting

What I’ve noticed in the QNX Momentics IDE is that after I edit a C file and then try and run the program, there is no prompt to rebuild the program.  Pretty annoying. To Fix this: Goto Window->Preferences->Run/Debug->Launching Click on the … Continue reading

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Interview Question

Questions: You have a 100 numbers from 1-100 in random order. You have an array of length 99. Taking 99 of the 100 numbers available into the array, how can you determine the number that is not in the array? … Continue reading

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VirtualBox issue with SanDisk ImageMate

Using VirtualBox (arg!) at work and running into issue with SanDisk ImageMate 12-in-1 memory card reader (SDDR-89-A15). I’m running VirtualBox on a Windows 7 machine and it looks like a driver issue. I cannot figure out why VirtualBox cannot take … Continue reading

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