Eclipse Tip: Poping up argument dialog box when run/debug

Learned this neat tip that makes it easier to set arguments when run/debugging.

Currently: Arguments needs to be set in the Run/Debug launch configuration.  If you need to change  arguments, it’s a bit painful to need to go to the launch configuration and change argument from there.

What’d be better is if there’d be a another dialog box to prompt us for arguments.

To do this, in the launch configuration in the arguments box type in ${string_prompt}.


Then the next time you will see a “Variable input” dialog box pop up next time you run/debug the program.


Plus eclipse is smart enough to save the values from the prompt after the first time so you’re not constantly typing things over and over.

If you have two arguments and want 2 dialog log popups for each argument set in the launch configuration, in the argument box:  ${string_prompt}  ${string_prompt}

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