iOS Swift Tutorial

Working on iOS app these days.  Updated an old iOS app that had to old Search Bar to the new iOS 8 version of Search Bar. Objective C

Now doing POC for a new iOS app in Swift.

Not a fan of Objective C and Swift. Though Swift seems to be more like other typical programming languages.

I like this iOS Swift tutorial

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Deleting messages in mailq

Had all these messages stuck in the mailq and couldn’t figure out how to delete the queued messages.  Turns out they were in these locations:




Ubuntu Postfix

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Skills wanted

Here is the technology stack I came up with:

Bootstrap Framework
Oracle (PL/SQL)
Ruby on Rails




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Amazon MWS feed

Found that information about Amazon’s MWS is pretty hard to find and pretty scattered.  Took me awhile to even find a link to ORDER_ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, ORDER_FULFILLMENT sample that Amazon provides.

If you are fulfilling multiple orders in one XML you want to repeat everything in the <Message>

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<AmazonEnvelope xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="amzn-envelope.xsd">


Link to solution

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PHP SAP RFC Function call input not working

This is the first time I used PHP to call a SAP function.  Ran into this problem that I couldn’t figure until someone with experience helped me.

The SAP function SAP_FUNCTION had one input that expects a length of 10.

I did not realize that that meant that the input has to be a length of 10.  The examples the SAP analyst gave me had inputs with 9 and I kept trying it with 9 and was not getting anything back.

In PHP, a fellow developer told me I had to pad the input so the length is 10.

str_pad($vartopad, 10,”0″, STR_PAD_LEFT)

Spent most of the morning trying to figure out the problem and never found anything online about the need for padding.  Maybe it’s a problem with the SAP function but either way maybe it’ll help someone with input errors using PHP to connect to SAP.

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Apache paths (default)

Had to look this up multiple times now:

access log (sudo):




props if figured out what I’m doing

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Rails Association

Spent a day learning how about associations.  Realized that has_and belongs to and the necessary join table isn’t as easy to use as creating a regular join model table and use has_many :through.

Join Table = create_join_table

Join Model Table = create_table

Following Railscast, it promoted to use join model along with has_many :through.  Part of the issue I had was that I wanted additional information in the join table like the timestamp information.  Especially for Many to Many relationships.


Originally I planned on using Rails migration to create all my tables.  After creating only 7 of them I feel like it is a bit overkill. Much easier to write my own sql script that creates a table and then just use the rake db:schema:dump.

If you want to use scaffold following the dump

rails g model ModelName –skip-migration




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Helpful Rails 4 commands

When creating a table and limiting a column string size

rails g scaffold users email:string{50}

To set columns in a table to not nullable or set the default value, after the migration file is created, manually open the file and edit the column you want.

t.string :column1, null:false, default: ‘ABC’

For Join tables via migration

rails g migration CreateJoinTable[Model1Model2] Model1 Model2

The above creates a table with two column model1_id and model2_id.  I’ve experienced that the table name will be Model1_Model2. Rails documentation seems to say different but that’s what I got.

If you want to redo your last migration

rake db:migrate:redo

rake db:migrate:redo STEP=2  # redo last two steps

This was helpful because I had deleted a table rails created and couldn’t figure out how to recreate it until I cam across this

If you created a migration you want to delete

rails db:migrate:status

Find the version before the one you want to delete

rake db:migrate VERSION=XXXXX

Manually delete the migration you don’t want




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Rails here we go

Finally moving forward to redoing a website that is all DB driven to a Rails platform.  Designing DB schema and models. woot.  Wish I could bring in a Rails consultant though

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Sublime Shortcuts

Man just found out a shortcut in Sublime that probably everybody but me knew.

I can type div then ‘tab’ and it will add in the html brackets and closing bracket (<div></div>)

Dam wished I would’ve known earlier.

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