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Time to relearn a new skill: Spark

I took a Spark class maybe earlier this year but can’t say I really remember any of it.  Figured I’ll just start at the beginning with an Intro to Spark class on   These days just developing an … Continue reading

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TCPDF: Open Source PHP Class for generating PDF documents.

Been using TCPDF the last couple of days and have to say it is real easy to use.  The examples are really easy to follow and then customize to one’s own needs. Really easy to format the PDF using the table … Continue reading

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ADOdb library

Came across this today. Well saw someone use this library. seems pretty neat to check out more later.  Been writing my own SQL code for PHP scripts. Think this library can make this easier and generate part of it I … Continue reading

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Skills wanted

Here is the technology stack I came up with: HTML Bootstrap Framework JavaScript JQuery PHP MySQL Oracle (PL/SQL) Ruby on Rails NodeJS MongoDB AngularJS      

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Sublime Shortcuts

Man just found out a shortcut in Sublime that probably everybody but me knew. I can type div then ‘tab’ and it will add in the html brackets and closing bracket (<div></div>) Dam wished I would’ve known earlier.

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M101JS: MongoDB for Node.js Developers

Signed up for this class. Woot! Not sure how to normalize and migrate a MySQL data to NoSQL data format.  I have an idea of what it should look like but figured might as well take a free class.  Looks pretty … Continue reading

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Socket programming resources

Working on c++ socket programming these days. Good resources: IBM socket programming libevent documentation The libevent seems pretty interesting. Not sure I can use it in my case but something to keep an eye out for asynchronous socket programming.

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QT: Hide widget

Has to be done programmatically, in constructor would work : ui->Widget->hide(); Reference:

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Ruby on Rails Tutorial – Chapter 5

This chapter is more about front end web page changing portion and using TDD to do coding.  I like how it’s always adding a test case first, make sure it fails, then add code to make it work. Really drives … Continue reading

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Ruby on Rails Tutorial – Chapter 4

This chapter is mostly about Ruby syntax. Skip or skim Part 4.1 is OK since there’s an example of using a function to populate the <title>.      

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