Way better technical problem site: Hackerrank.com

Screw the last post and interviewbits

hackerrank way better.  The site and challenges feels more legit with much more explanation of question and expected input and output.  For the 2nd question totally missed the ability to run your code first before submitting. After using interviewbits, I do miss the stopwatch of how long it takes to solve it. In addition, kinda torn as to whether you should be able to test your code or not.  Maybe give ability to check once and then decrement points.   Time and # of attempts needed to check answer  would be a pretty big differentiator if I was a recruiter.

Add me on hackerrank: fangstar

Decided to do tests in JS.  Haven’t done C/C++ or Java in awhile.  it’d be a good place to brush up.

Someone in the FCC meetup always pointed me to https://www.codewars.com/.  I’ll check that out too



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