NYT online job marketplace article

I’ve been using oDesk recently for a personal project.  My thinking was instead of spending lots of time searching on google how to do something why don’t I just pay someone to do it especially if it is not time critical and more for my education.

Of course after I paid someone to do it, I found the solution online. Doh ohh well.

I’m a bit bothered by hiring developers that aren’t in the US.  Of course it will take my job away soon it feels like.  Plus the quality of work is the big question. Also you will need to spend lots of time creating documentation and explaining the job to someone who’s english skill may not be that great.  I’m beginning to doubt some of the identities of some of the oDesk people too.  Maybe I just had a not so great experience with one of them.

However now that I’m in position to fill jobs and tasks, I’d like to hire within the US and if need be give students a chance to learn though they’ll have to take a lower rate.

If you need a quick Backbone.js task, I have used someone on oDesk I can recommend though his availability is questionable.



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