Learning Full Stack Web Development

Catching up on a lot of web technologies these days. Keeping me pretty busy. Far different than when I was working on Linux kernel configurations and such.  In a happier place now.  It’s been  challenging trying to cram and learn all these technologies.

The last month has really been more about using Backbone.js.  I’ve done a small project in Backbone and was hoping to use it for a larger project but maybe too steep of a challenge.  There is a bit too much doubt about developing the backend APIs for it and I haven’t learned enough about it to feel real comfortable using it for a more complicated project.  It seems the developer community for it is a bit smaller too.

Talking about APIs and backend, learned a bit about NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB.  Using it to develop test APIs while the backend is getting built.  It seems pretty neat and powerful to use.

Now the big project I’m working on will be in Ruby On Rails.  Seems to offer more flexibility than Backbone.js but that’s probably because I’m not too comfortable with Backbone.  Felt that there are are RoR developers and be a safer choice for this project as time is limited.

Been picking up Backbone.js and node.js and stuff from Christophe Coenraets.  He done great stuff and I’ve been taking his project and adjusting to my requirements.  In the interest of time been using odesk to find freelancers to do some work to save me time in learning.  It’s going OK.




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