Remote Debugging: Unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint function


Using QT Creater, trying to debug a program on remote device.  I set the breakpoints on the IDE but the breakpoints are not active and program does not stop.


The “Unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint” seemed pretty suspioucous so looked into that. Realized that I did not have the environment variable sysroot set to a copy of the target filesystem.

Within QT Creator you can set an environment variable in the Projects->Run Settings->Run->System Environment

variable: sysroot

value: /path/to/targetfs


While I still see the Unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint message, the program now stops at breakpoints I set on the IDE.  Semi resolved.



Below link is really good at explaining the issue.

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3 Responses to Remote Debugging: Unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint function

  1. Lorenzo says:

    Hi, I’m facing a similar problem: I wrote a plugin and I want to use it in a project. However, when I set a breakpoint in the plugin code, the debug on device doesn’t stop (whereas the debug on desktop does)… could you please explain a bit more extensively the way you set sysroot in qtcreator? Because I don’t see Run->System Environment QTC 3.4… Thank you so much!

  2. Lorenzo says:

    Thanks! I solved by making a symbolic link to the libraries into the directory targeted by set solib-search-path. Cheers

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