Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Goal from now until the end of August is to finish the Ruby on Rails Tutorial book. I’m reading the book through Safari but just found the link to it online this online book is better updated than the published book. Thinking of getting into more web development as that seems to be a hotter area and I’m not that interested in the embedded field.

Additional RoR resources (taken from the book):

  • RailsCasts by Ryan Bates: Excellent (mostly) free Rails screencasts
  • PeepCode: Excellent commercial screencasts
  • Code School: Interactive programming courses
  • Rails Guides: Good topical and up-to-date Rails references
  • RailsCasts by Ryan Bates: Did I already mention RailsCasts? Seriously: RailsCasts .


I know the founder at and they seem to have real potential.  If you’re interested in applying there I’ll be more than glad to forward along a resume. I believe they’re using RoR. Supposedly if I refer someone I’ll get a laptop.

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