CakePHP project

Finished my CakePHP project at work. It was pretty fun as I haven’t done that much MVC stuff beforehand besides tutorials. Never found something that I wanted to do with websites.

There wasn’t much to done the Model part of MVC so hopefully I can find something to see that more in action. Most the change I did involved the Controller and View part. Realized my SQL skills are pretty rusty too. Haven’t done many join type operations since college really. I am a bit curious as how to what kind of business logic is suppose to go in the Model class as there was none in my work project.

To learn the basics the Blog example on the cakephp official website was decent. I really like the Instant CakePHP Starter book.  Teaches you a bit more about the scaffolding feature and how to synchronize with your server. Plus learned about which is a nice free PaaS.

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