PulseAudio: pacmd volume commands

On the TM 814x EVM board (kernel 2.6.37), the TI linux didn’t include the pacmd  To get the CLI pacmd, I needed to install the following packages:

opkg install pulseaudio-misc pulseaudio-module-cli pulseaudio-module-cli-protocol-unix

Maybe some other pacakges too but I forgot. Use this command: pulseaudio -vvv to start pulse audio for logging.

Once I got pacmd working, it was trying to figure out what commands are available. The Ubuntu man pages actually has one neatly formatted out [link].

To change the volume, I’m mostly looking into these:


list-sink-inputs-volume  [SinkInput#] [VolumeInput]

VOLUME can be specified as an  integer
              (e.g.  2000,  16384),  a  linear  factor  (e.g.  0.4,  1.100), a
              percentage (e.g. 10%, 100%) or a decibel value (e.g. 0dB, 20dB).

list-sink-inputs-mute [SinkInput#] [1|0]  1 to mute, 0 to unmute

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