Topcoder: SRM 209 Div1 300pt MedalTable

I haven’t coded at work these days, and it’s a bit worrisome. Afraid my programming skills are going down the tube so I’m doing Topcoder problems (again) to brush up. And dam problem I know I could’ve done easy last year while I was studying and prepping are taking much longer now. Pretty sad.

Did the SRM 209 Div1 300 pt MedalTable problem and I like this problem. Seems pretty simple enough but make you think about your data structure and how you will eventually need to sort it. If I ever need to interview someone this is something I’d do. Also for interviews I’d like to do substring problems, I find those a bit tricky and that’s the topcode problem I did yesterday SRM 556 Div 2 ChocolateBar.

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