Setting up Ruby and integrating Ruby with Eclipse IDE

Need to setup my Ruby environment on a Windows systems yesterday. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Download Ruby installer or source from here. Install. I’d recommend checking the ‘add to PATH’ box in one of the installation screens.
  2. Add the Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK). To do this within Eclipse, go to Help > install new software… Add the URL:
  3. After the DLTK installs, some configuration is needed like setting where the Ruby executable is located. Within Eclipse go to Window > open perspectives > choose Ruby perspective. Now that you’re in the ruby perspective, Window > preferences > ruby > interpreters > click SEARCH and you should be able to both see and put a check-mark in “ruby.exe”. Check OK
  4. Ruby should now be configured to use with Eclipse now. To test it out create a New > Ruby Project. Then create a New>Empty Ruby Script
  5. Write in your first Ruby script: puts ‘Hello Ruby World’
  6. Run the newly created Ruby script. Run > Run As > Ruby Script

This entry based off this Eclipse Community Forum page.


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3 Responses to Setting up Ruby and integrating Ruby with Eclipse IDE

  1. Ajit Jadhav says:

    Here is my error as I’ve put “puts ‘Hello Ruby World’” in ruby script file.
    :in `’: uninitialized constant World’ (NameError)

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