App Idea: Notable LA Restaurant App

Everyone likes to eat right? Yelp gives too many results especially if I just want to know what the “best” or “hottest” restaurants are. I was looking through a magazine of best restuarants of LA and was like I’m in some of these areas all the time but didn’t know they were acclaimed. So my idea is taking this list and making an app from that. No more reviews from random people but a professional. Just give me the cream of the crop like a place I’d take a friend visiting from out of town or somewhere to take someone for a special occasion.

So my idea is to take this late, put it into the Android SQLite db. Then determine current position, the closest restaurants with a list view or map view. Sounds pretty easy huh. Plus I need some practice with DB.

Didn’t do research to see if it already exists. I’d have to guess that it does but this is more for my own practice and maybe I can curate my own list of restaurants with comments and suggestions of dishes. Imagine being able to write-off meals. that’d be pretty great.

Didn’t exactly finish my groupon project. Got it to come out on a map but without the Groupon Now functionality seems pretty wasteful.

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